The DOF Mandate

  • Formulation, institutionalization, and administration of fiscal policies in coordination with other concerned subdivisions, agencies, and instrumentalities of the government.
  • Generation and management of the financial resources of the government.
  • Supervision of the revenue operations of all local government units.
  • Review, approval, and management of all public sector debt, domestic or foreign.
  • Rationalization, privatization and public accountability of corporations and assets owned, controlled or acquired by the government.

DOF GAD Mission

To empower women to achieve gender equality through financial inclusion.

DOF GAD Vision

Women and men equally participating in and benefiting from the development process.


  1. Access to credit, savings, insurance, and other financial products and services among unserved and underserved low-income and marginalized women
  2. Meaningful and broad participation of low-income and marginalized women in the development planning system –  planning, programming and budgeting, implementation, monitoring and evaluation
  3. Gender equality and women empowerment perspective institutionalized in DOF and its attached bureaus’ and agencies’ policies, programs, activities, and projects.