Orientation on Leave Benefits

This Orientation will focus on the rules, requirements, processes, and procedures of filing leave applications on Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave, Solo Parent Leave, Adopt … see more.

Gender Sensitivity Training Batch 1


  1. To understand key gender concepts that will enable participants to identify major gender issues during a crisis;
  2. To gain insights into developing gender-responsive programs … see more.


Orientation on Sexual Harassment and other relevant Laws – Batch 1


  1. Discuss the provisions of RA 7877, 2017 Rules on Administrative Cases in the Civil Service, RA 11313 and its IRR;
  2. Explain the important concepts and principles of RA 7877, 2017 RACCS, RA 11313 and its IRR;
  3. Explain how RA 7877, 2017 RACCS, … see more.

Gender & Finance Orientation Batch 1

The objective of this Orientation is to introduce Gender and Development (GAD) and the role of the finance sector… see more.


Message from GFPS Executive Committee

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