The Department of Finance (DOF) joins the country in celebrating National Women's Month (NWM) this March 2021. During the DOF NWM launch on March 1, 2021, Finance Assistant Secretary Ma. Teresa Habitan highlighted the agency's initiatives to empower women and ensure that internal policies were inclusive. "We have gone a long way from the time the DOF looked most like a man's world. Many more women have become assistant secretaries and undersecretaries." Habitan added, "We now have a lactation room - lactating moms no longer have to hide in a closet or bathroom stall to pump milk. Our annual physical exam now includes a Pap smear and ultrasound. A marriage certificate is no longer required to claim maternity leave." "In history, there is no lack of women leaders we can look up to and follow. In my personal history, I have found so many women role models even closer here at the DOF. So take a look around at your friends and colleagues and appreciate them for the work they do and the lives they lead."


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