Seminar on Gender Statistics

Seminar on Gender Statistics

Held at the Luneta Hotel, Manila on September 27, 2019, 5 female and 1 male DOF GFPS representatives participated in the Seminar on Gender Statistics organized by the National Tax Research Center (NTRC). This activity is part of the collaborative efforts to capacitate the GAD Focal Point System (GFPS) of the finance sector with Gender and Development (GAD).


DOF Director IV and GFPS Executive Committee Member, Alvin P. Diaz provided a special message emphasizing the importance of the seminar which is to help improve the participants’ skills in data gathering, analysis, and how is gender statistics crucial in the conduct of evidence-based studies and researches in assessing gender gaps in all areas of life.


The Resource Speaker, Ms. Carmelita N. Ericta who was a Former Administrator of the National Statistics Office (NSO) started the discussion on how gender issues vary in the productive and reproductive roles of women and men, their access and control to resources, as well as in their practical and strategic needs.

The participants were able to understand how significant gender statistics as they reveal the actual and realistic differences and relationships between men and women. They can also be the basis for gender indicators and information to come up with desired changes to existing policies.

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