Exploratory Activity and Planning Workshop

Exploratory Activity and Planning Workshop

The 3-day exploratory activity seeks to explore the possible partnership between the Finance Agencies and Daluhay Daloy ng Buhay Inc. in a convergence project that will implement the GAD Agenda of the Finance Sector (Gender Equality and Women Empowerment through Financial Inclusion) on the ground.

Financial inclusion or an inclusive financial system was discussed to provide effective access to a wide range of financial products and services by all. The overall vision is a financial system that is accessible and responsive to the needs of the entire population toward a broad-based and inclusive growth, particularly, to ensure that this financial system also serves the traditionally unserved or marginalized sectors of the population.

On the last day of the activity, representatives from DOF and its attached bureaus and agencies presented their outputs of what and how they can contribute to

achieving financial inclusion in the community.

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