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The Department of Finance is a government institution that formulates fiscal policy. Carrying out its basic function of revenue generation to ensure adequate financing for the needs of the country has led to an expansion of the DOF’s role over time. Below are the Bureaus, Agencies and Government Corporations under the supervision of DOF.


    As Mandated:

    1. Assessment and collection of all national internal revenue taxes, fees and charges.
    2. Enforcement of all forfeitures, penalties, fines and execution of judgments in all cases decided in its favor by the Court of Tax Appeals and the ordinary courts
    3. Administer supervisory and police powers conferred by National Internal Revenue Code as amended by R.A. 8424 or other laws.

    HEADED BY Romeo D. Lumagui, Jr.
    • ADDRESSRoom 511, BIR National Office Building, BIR Road, Diliman, Quezon City
    • TELEPHONE922-3293/981-7121/981-7124
    • FAX(632) 8925-1789

    As provided under Section 202 of the CMTA, the BOC is mandated to:

    1. Assess and collect customs revenues from imported goods
    2. Simplify and harmonize customs procedures
    3. Exercise border control to prevent entry of smuggled goods
    4. Prevent and suppress smuggling and other customs fraud
    5. Facilitate and secure international trade
    6. Supervise and control the entrance and clearance of vessels and aircraft engaged in foreign commerce
    7. Supervise and control the handling of foreign mails arriving in the Philippines
    8. Supervise and control import and export cargoes
    9. Conduct a compensation study to develop a competitive compensation and remuneration system in the Bureau
    10. Exercise exclusive original jurisdiction over forfeiture cases
    11. Enforce the CMTA and all other laws, rules and regulations related to customs administration

    HEADED BY Bienvenido Y. Rubio
    • ADDRESSG/F OCOM Building, 16th Street, South Harbor, Port Area, Manila
    • TELEPHONE(632) 527-4537
    • FAX(632) 527-1968

    As mandated by Section 602 of the TCCP; Assess and collect lawful revenues:

    1. Assist in formulation of policies on borrowing, investment and capital market development;
    2. Formulate adequate operational guidelines for fiscal and financial policies;
    3. Assist in preparation by government agencies concerned of an annual program, for revenue and expenditure targets, borrowing levels and cash balances of National Government (NG);
    4. Maintain books of accounts of the NG cash transactions;
    5. Manage cash resources of NG, collect advances made, and guarantee and forward cover fees due NG;
    6. Control and service NG public debt, both foreign and domestic;
    7. Issue, service, redeem government securities for account of NG as may be authorized by the President pursuant to law.

    HEADED BY Rosalia V. De Leon
    • ADDRESSAyuntamiento Building, Cabildo Street Corner A. Soriano Avenue Intramuros, Manila, Philippines 1002
    • TELEPHONE 8663-2287
    • FAX(632) 8527-7319

    Department of Finances (DOF) directly responsible over the fiscal and financial affairs of local government. Under a decentralized regime, BLGF provides a catalytic role in effective and sustainable management of fiscal and financial resources of LGUs, transforming them into self-reliant communities. It is vigilant and dedicated to pursuit of development and professionalization of its employees including those of the local treasury and assessment services.


    1. Section 43 of Executive Order No. 127, as amended, other pertinent provisions of Local Government Code of 1991, BLGF shall: Assist in formulation and implementation of policies on local government revenue administration and fund management;
    2. Assist LGU in development and implementation of Real Property Tax Administration (RPTA) projects;

    HEADED BY Ms. Consolacion Q. Agcaoili

    Executive Director

    • ADDRESS8th Floor EDPC Bldg., BSP Complex, Roxas Blvd., Manila
    • TELEPHONE(632) 5318-2500
    • or


    To regulate and supervise the insurance, pre-need, and HMO industries in accordance with the provisions of the Insurance Code, as amended, Pre-Need Code of the Philippines, and Executive Order No. 192 (s. 2015)


    1. To promote growth and financial stability of insurance, pre-need, and HMO companies
    2. To professionalize insurance, pre-need, and HMO services, and develop insurance, pre-need, and HMO consciousness among the general populace
    3. To establish a sound national insurance market
    4. To safeguard the rights and interest of the insuring public, pre-need and HMO customers

    HEADED BY Atty. Reynaldo Averilla Regalado
    • ADDRESSIC Building, #1071 United Nations Avenue Ermita, Manila Philippines
    • TELEPHONE(632) 8-523-8461
    • FAX(+632) 8522-14-34


    Pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 74, the National Tax Research Center (NTRC) is mandated to
    conduct continuing research on taxation to improve the tax system and raise the level of tax
    consciousness among our people to achieve economic growth and bring about a more equitable
    distribution of wealth and income.

    1. Conducts research on taxation for the purpose of improving the tax system and tax policy;
    2. Provides comments/position papers on revenue proposals coming from Congress and other government offices and the private sector;
    3. Recommends such reforms and revisions as may be necessary to improve revenue collection and tax administration;
    4. Provides technical assistance to both Houses of Congress and the Department of Finance (DOF) pertaining to taxation through studies, revenue estimates of tax proposals, and drafting of bills, among others;
    5. Publishes and sends tax guides and tax information materials to officials of the executive and legislative branches of government as well as the private sector;
    6. Serves as Secretariat to the Fiscal Incentives Review Board (FIRB), which acts upon applications for tax subsidy of government-owned and/or –controlled corporations (GOCCs), state universities and colleges (SUCs), and other government instrumentalities (GIs) and agencies, and processing and evaluation of application for grant of incentives to projects or activities listed in the Strategic Investment Priority Plan (SIPP) with investment capital of over PHP1 Billion, and tax incentives of highly desirable projects or a specific industrial activity;
    7. Serves as Secretariat to the Task Force on the Revision of Fees and Charges, which provides technical assistance and monitors the revision of fees imposed by national government agencies (NGAs); and
    8. Serves as Consultant to the Technical and Executive Committees on Real Property Valuation on the revision of zonal values for tax purposes.
    Executive Director
    • ADDRESSHarbor Centre II, 23rd St. cor. A.C. Delgado St., Port Area, Manila
    • TELEPHONE(632) 527-2050 / (632) 8527-2064
    • FAX(632) 8527-2050


    1. To warrant observance of the due process of law clause mandated by the Constitution in the assessment and collection of real property taxes by the government,
    2. To ensure that the taxpayers are given the opportunity to be heard.

    HEADED BY Robert H. Tobia
    • ADDRESS7th Floor, EDPC Building, BSP Complex, Roxas Blvd., Manila Philippines
    • TELEPHONE8525-1411 / 8526-7485
    • FAX8525-1411


    As the Principal Agency for State Guarantee Finance of the Philippines, we provide accessible, reliable and efficient guarantee systems to enable credit for stakeholders in trade and investments, infrastructure, housing, agriculture, MSMEs and other priority sectors of the government.

    HEADED BY Alberto E. Pascual
    Vice Chairperson / President and Chief Executive Officer
    • ADDRESS17/F, Citibank Tower, Valero Street, Valero Street, Salcedo Village 1227, Makati City, Philippines
    • TELEPHONE(02) 8-885-4700
    • FAX
    • EMAIL
  • Privatization and Management Office PMO

    The Philippine Government is committed to a free market economy. There is, however, significant direct government involvement in the country’s economic activity through both economic planning and the state-ownership of numerous corporations involved in certain strategic sectors, such as banking, power-generation, oil production and transportation.

    HEADED BY Atty. Maan Vanessa L. Doctor
    Chief Privatization Officer
    • ADDRESS104 Gamboa Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City 1229 Philippines
    • TELEPHONE8893-2383
    • EMAIL
  • Securities and Exchange Commission SEC

    The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the Commission is the national government regulatory agency charged with supervision over the corporate sector, the capital market participants, the securities and investment instruments market, and the investing public. Created on October 26, 1936 by Commonwealth Act (CA) 83 also known as The Securities Act, the Commission was tasked to regulate the sale and registration of securities, exchanges, brokers, dealers and salesmen.

    HEADED BY Emilio Benito Aquino
    SEC Chairman
    • ADDRESS15/F SEC Headquarters, 7907 Makati Avenue, Bel-Air, Makati City 1209
    • TELEPHONE 8818-5343 / 8818-5767 local 100
    • TRUNK LINE NO02-5322-7696

Department of Finance