Customs Modernization and Tariff Act


Republic Act (RA) No. 10863, otherwise known as the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act (CMTA), was signed into law on 30 May 2016

CMTA amended the Tariff and Customs Code of the Philippines (TCCP) with the aim of modernizing Customs rules and procedures for faster trade, reduce opportunities for corruption, improve Customs service delivery and improve supply chain.

This is the primary site for the public consultation on the drafting of the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the CMTA.




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WHEN: We are accepting Position Papers from interested private and public stakeholders from 27 July 2017 to 3 August 2017, closing exactly at midnight, Philippine Standard Time.

This deadline will be strictly enforced.




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Topic: Rules and Regulations for Customs Transit in the Customs Territory

Posting Date: July 27, 2017

Public Consultation: August 3, 2017

Time: 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Venue: The President's Room, 4th Floor, POM Bldg., BOC.

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Upcoming Events (Updated as of July 27, 2017)


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Position Paper Deadline and Public Consultation

Rules and Regulations for Customs Transit in the Customs Territory

July 27, 2017

August 3, 2017

Warehousing Entry Clearance Process

August 3, 2017

August 10, 2017

Supervision and Regulation of Third Parties

August 10, 2017

August 17, 2017


Invites and Notices

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